Beautiful Green Bows

06 May 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog
Mother's Day

“Well done, Dad.”

This was said to me by Mariah’s pre-school teacher as I dropped Mariah off. The teacher noticed that I had successfully clipped a green bow in Mariah’s hair that matched her pretty green dress.

“Thanks,” I said awkwardly as I wondered if I should be offended by her low expectations of dads.

Instead I just smiled as I walked down the hallway and questioned if Andrea had ever received the same applause for doing this every day.

Mother’s have been placing bows in little girl’s hair for centuries, and we are usually quick to applaud how pretty the girl looks, but rarely do we stop and thank the mother for laboring to create this beauty.

Can you imagine how ugly our world would look without attentive mothers?

For the past 10 years, our team has been sending you stories of beauty and hope from around the world.  At first glance, this ability to reflect beauty looks easy and natural, but there were years of labor behind the scenes.

My team and I had mothers who spent years and years instilling in us an eye to see beauty and hearts that exude compassion.  Our mothers taught us to befriend the kids who were picked on at school, and they reminded us to slow down and look up at the glowing sunsets in the sky.

“Sunsets happen quickly, so pay attention, David,” my mom would often say to me.

They allowed us to build forts, play in the creek, and sleep outside in tents so we can discover the beauty for ourselves. These small lessons by our moms became the building blocks for one day using our cameras to capture those quiet and lovely moments in life.

After a long trip, I come home and am able to send out emails filled with images of the beauty that I saw, but behind the scenes my amazing wife was tirelessly taking care of our two girls.  For 10 days, she changed diapers, wiped tears, lost sleep, and worried about her husband’s safety.

I am embarrassed to say that I might receive the applause for the images, and yet frequently forget to publically thank Andrea for doing all of the labor behind the scene to make these projects possible.

So on this Mother’s Day, I applaud all of the mothers and wives who sacrificially work behind the scenes and labor so we can enjoy something beautiful.  Behind every one of our images is a mother or wife who helped to make it possible.

Next time you see a little girl with a bow in her hair, don’t forget to thank her mom for adding a touch of beauty to our world. And if it is a Dad with a daughter who has a matching green bow, realize it was probably the mother who laid out the dress and bow for Dad the night before.

Grateful for a beautiful journey,




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