Cameras and Eternity

01 Jul 2016, Posted by silentimages in Africa, Blog, Refocus

I’m humbled to think that my camera made a difference in eternity.

It was getting late on my last day in Kenya and honestly, I was frustrated.

One thing to know about Africa is that flexibility is a key virtue… but when the sun is setting and your contacts show up hours later than you needed to film, all virtues start failing you.

The filming was for With Open Eyes, one of the greatest organizations that equips pastors to spread the gospel to people at the farthest edges of the world, and I just wanted some video of a pastor on his motorcycle. I mean, a huge part of their ministry is giving pastors motorcycles and on my last day of filming I didn’t have any footage of motorcycles!

So we drive deep into the bush of Maasai land, a place where many go for safari but few have gone to preach.

We’ve already asked some Maasai tribesmen if we can film them chatting with our pastor on his motorcycle. They asked for $50 in actor fees…we didn’t have that kind of cash, so we moved on.

Finally, we turned into a Maasai home that actually welcomed us. And there we discovered the true purpose for this video.

At this home was a man who was gravely ill. He had headaches, passed out, and had a severely swollen leg. Also, he didn’t know the Lord.

So I’m watching through my camera lens as this man is prayed over by 3 pastors. Shouts in a language I don’t understand are echoing through Maasai land and swelling within my heart. The man’s family crowds around. Some are bowing their heads. Others looking questioningly. The man is breathing deep, as if savoring the air around him.

I knew something great was happening here.

Even if my camera had run out of battery or my cards had filled up, it wouldn’t take away the fact that the real reason we were in this home was to pray for this man… and to be there as he accepted Christ.

I’m humbled that my silly desperation to capture cool footage of a motorcycle pastor played a role in this man’s testimony. It was a small part for sure, but I’m thankful for any way that my camera can be used for eternity.



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