Dance Parties Always Work

06 Mar 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

People are more shy in Mexico than I expected. I really should learn Spanish…

The plan is to tell the stories of jewelry making partners with Fashion and Compassion in Mexico. Not sure why, but I imagined the Mexican women to welcome me with bone crushing hugs and showing off for my cameras… honestly, no idea why I had that in my mind.

I was sorely disappointed. I didn’t even get a side hug.

Apparently shyness and modesty is a part of Mexican culture. They give me a small wave with the morning “buenos dias” and a small giggle before they turn away when I start filming them. I need to find a connection with them because I want them to actually be comfortable and enjoy the experience of having their stories told.

Going into the jewelry workshop I capture the 7am golden light hitting Erica, the shyest 15 year-old. Absolutely gorgeous moment. I love filming Erica because despite being shy we have exchanged many smiles… basically the only language we have in common.

I’ll try to ask her about what she’s doing. She’ll try to show me how to make an earring. I’ll start dancing to the radio that’s always on and she’ll giggle… though she looks around at the other girls in the shop to see if they’re laughing. I guess to make sure it’s ok.

Thankfully, everyone seems to love when a foreigner embarrassed themselves. No one that ridiculous can be that intimidating.

Sometimes it takes sacrificing your own shyness, and leaving yourself vulnerable, to begin making real connections.

Dance parties always work. They’re a great way to make friends.

See y’all on the dance floor,

~ Lydia


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