Dang, I thought I was good!

11 Dec 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

Getting close to the end of the year so at the office we’ve been looking back at our older videos.

Unfortunately I looked back way too far… about 3 years, to some of my first video projects.

Watching one video I just slapped my hands over my eyes and laughed: Dang, I thought I was so good!

I’m hoping the rest of the world is with me on this… we’ve all looked back at our lives just to laugh at how ridiculous we were (and maybe still are a little).

For me, the video I watched wasn’t the worst thing. I had some great shots. I put together a cool story. But I also had overly dramatic sad baby close-ups, the worst fonts that took up half the screen, and the subtitles awkwardly on the side of the screen.

I thought I was being über-creative when really it was just dumb. 

With my co-worker laughing at my über-creativity alongside me, I’m mostly feeling excited that I’m not the same videographer.

And I hope in another 3 years my co-worker and I are laughing again over those videos and days when we thought we were so good.

And I hope that’s what y’all are doing as 2015 closes. I hope y’all are considering past days where you did your best and now realize how much you’ve grown since then. I hope they bring y’all some good laughs and reflections.

Because 3 years ago I gave a ministry the best video I could… even if I see flaws in it now.

So all we can do is give our best at all times, be über-creativity, look forward to a day when we realize how much we’ve grown.

Keep a little ridiculous, 

    ~ Lydia 




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