Dead Zone

27 Feb 2015, Posted by silentimages in Asia, Blog, Current Projects

When I called Verizon today to see if I could pick up international coverage on my phone for my trip to Myanmar, the woman in customer service responded, “It says here that it is against the law to allow outside phone usage in the following countries: North Korea, Cuba, and Myanmar. Hm. You going there for work or vacation? ”

I chuckled, somewhat at her question, but more so at the company of friends that Myanmar seems to be associated with. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma is having trouble shaking off its reputation from the international community to be a corrupt, closed country run by militaristic dictators. It’s understandable, considering the brutality that continues among the Kachin state in the north. (VIEW VIDEO)

However, there is a new side of Myanmar emerging and our team at Silent Images is embarking on a year long mission to tell this story. Although, this time we are not telling the story. Instead we will be empowering the Burmese to tell their own story.

Silent Images in partnership with the DeBoer Foundation will be empowering 35 young Burmese leaders to use cameras to tell the story of their start up businesses and charities. These 35 young professionals represent a changing Myanmar.

I pray that next time I call Verizon in preparation for my trip to Myanmar, the customer service representative will list Myanmar with countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. I hope that people will know the progress and dignity of this country.  (VIEW PHOTOS FROM OUR WORK IN MYANMAR)


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