Directing, Food Poisoning, and Burma

28 Oct 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog

Stepping out into the uncomfortable can be really, well, uncomfortable. Two days of travel can really wear on ones lower back.

But finally I made it to Burma, also known as Myanmar.

This was to be my first “Big” project and big it was. Thats why we hired out two amazingly talented guys, Andrew (one sick-awesome camera guy) and Thomas (bearded and ready to capture audio). David Johnson, our fearless leader, also came and was our expert on the field since he has been to Burma more times than the Panthers fumbled a football in a single season.

We finally start our venture in telling the story of the Burmeses leaders. How they overcame such hostility in their own country. How they are leading their people to do good and serve their community.

Full of excitement and reigning our energy, Bradford and I get completely knocked out by a slice of pizza. The one thing we hoped would be normal food for our stomachs turned against us. I ended up being locked away in my room for 4 days.

I was so weak I couldn’t pick up a camera. So I had to rely on our team. As a prideful, solo camera guy this was hard for me to do.

But accepting this fate was just the medicine I needed to overcome myself and do what was best for the project.

This pushed me into the role of director. Such a big title for someone who is trying to overcome his own insecurities about his abilities as a solo shooter.

Talk about uncomfortable… Trying to lead my peers in a way to let each on of them thrive was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Don’t directors just drink coffee and yell “ACTION” and “CUT”. Well not so much. Having everyone look to you for the success or failure of this story can be quite a weight.

In one scene everything would go perfectly, in the next EVERY thing would go wrong. But, when in Burma you just gotta roll with the punches.

Now our time in Burma is over, we are back here in the States and the burning questions everyone asks me are: How did it go? Do you feel successful as a director?

My answer would be “eh” as I shrug my shoulders. NOW WAIT! Don’t get me wrong – the film is going to be epic and you don’t want to miss out. I’m talking about my ability to be a director.

I stepped into something new. I feel like I failed and failed hard sometimes. But with epic leadership from David and the most humble crew there is to work with, I would say it was successful.

Successful because I grew through the uncomfortable.

I’m no Usain Bolt or Louis Armstrong of directing but one thing I can say: stepping into the uncomfortable was a very life giving experience when I learned to humble myself and accept the joys of learning something new.

Everyone starts somewhere.

Cheers to trying something new!


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