About Get Off Our Donkey

The Get Off Our Donkey (GOOD) DVD series, illuminates seven areas of need in Charlotte: Homelessness, High School Dropouts, Human Trafficking, Refugees, Prisoners, Elderly, and Abortion. In about 10 minutes, each video introduces viewers to the facts and the individuals behind the numbers. In addition to educating viewers, each video highlights organizations that are taking action and gives viewers practical steps they can do in response to the needs.

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Contact us today to place your order for a complimentary copy of the GOOD DVD and curriculum for use in your church, school, or home. We are able to extend this offer due to support of the GOOD Fund.

Sample the GOOD Curriculum

Take a quick look at the Get Off Our Donkey curriculum and see what its all about. Download a sample of the GOOD series and learn more about how this can be a valuable resource for you or your organization.

Support the GOOD Fund

Donate to the GOOD Fund to support the charities working in these areas of need. Please write “GOOD Fund” in the memo of your donation and specify which of the seven areas you are donating to.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Get off our Donkey (GOOD) project?

Silent Images produced the GOOD film series, which is comprised of seven 10-minute videos, to describe the following areas of need in Charlotte, North Carolina: human trafficking, high school dropouts, homeless children, abortion, prisoner re-entry, refugees, and the elderly. Each video introduces the need, provides fact-based information as well as personal testimonies, includes the names of local organizations that are taking action, and gives viewers several practical ways to respond to these needs.

Who should watch the GOOD series?

Many Charlotte-area organizations, schools, and churches are using the GOOD series to educate and motivate people to take action. And while the videos in the GOOD series target seven areas of need in Charlotte, the needs presented are relevant to most cities in the United States. The subject material is appropriate for adults and many teenagers, but discretion is advised for young viewers.

How can I show the GOOD series to my organization, school, or church?

While Silent Images is offering the GOOD series and curriculum free of charge, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the GOOD fund. To obtain viewing rights to the GOOD videos, please contact Silent Images at info@silentimages.org or 704-999-5010. The videos can also be viewed online here on our website.

What is the GOOD fund?

Silent Images established the GOOD fund to raise and distribute funds to help meet the needs expressed in the GOOD series. Seventy-five percent of every dollar donated to the GOOD fund is given back to the individuals and charities documented in the seven videos. The remaining 25% will fund future Silent Images productions. To make a tax-deductible donation to the GOOD fund, please contact Silent Images at info@silentimages.org or 704-999-5010.

How was the GOOD film series funded?

Like all Silent Images projects, the GOOD film series was funded by donations from individuals, organizations, churches, and businesses. Thank you to everyone who contributed time and resources to make this project possible.

How can I help?

Everyone is equipped to effect change in our world. We all have different talents, resources, and abilities, but the first step is to get off your donkey and the next step is to take action. Whether you choose to volunteer your time at one of the organizations documented in the GOOD series, donate money to the GOOD fund, or minister to hurting people in your midst, you can make a difference. For additional information and resources, please contact Silent Images at info@silentimages.org or 704-999-5010.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact information for various Charlotte-area organizations is listed throughout this guide. For additional information about the GOOD series, the GOOD fund, or Silent Images, please contact Gabriela DeGracia at gabriela@silentimages.org or 704-999-5010.

Can I make copies of the curriculum?

Yes, with permission from Silent Images. Please email us with your request at info@silentimages.org.