Finally, people at my eye level…

08 Apr 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog
japan experience

Being in a new country is always a crazy experience.

Being in a new country where you don’t speak, understand, or read the language is a whole new level of crazy.

For me, that country was Japan. But I still LOVED it!

The people are the most polite you’ll ever meet, the culture is unique, and the architecture is full of history.

Plus, there was one thing about Japan that made me feel connected to the people… we are so similar in height.

Now I’m 5’0 tall and small in stature. I sometimes have to reassure our clients that I am not in middle or high school and that I am a professional videographer.

In fact, I was the shortest out of all the Providence Day middle school students I traveled with. Except one student, Jack, was over 6’0 tall. (He kinda stood out.)

So imagine Jack next to all the Japanese people.

We were walking back to our hotel from the train station (which is a whole other story), and Jack was walking next to two older Japanese women. Suddenly the Japanese woman noticed Jack walking right next to her. She literally jumped back; reacting as if she saw something out of a horror film. After she composed herself, she said hi and waved and went on her way. The best part was that Jack kept his composure and a straight face.

She probably wasn’t used to seeing a 6’0 tall white middle schooler on her daily commute.

I don’t know if I was slap happy after a long day of walking and filming, but this moment refreshed me.

After long work days (or long days in general) look for the memorable and crazy moments.

I’ll miss the cherry blossoms; the weird music that plays in the train station when the doors are closing; all of the vending machines full of weird, but mostly delicious, drinks; and the great people who are at my eye level.

Hope to see you again, Japan.

~ Katy



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