From the Rubble

03 Jun 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

I was reading my news app around midnight, which was a terrible idea!

There was a new slideshow of children and adults who had drowned trying to escape Syria. And I was simultaneously getting really depressed and seriously pissed. Why haven’t they made an app that disables the weapons of mean and stupid people?!!?

I’ve never been to Syria but my mind kept returning to my days in South Sudan during their war. Cities of 150,000 people had been completely abandoned. Nothing was green anymore. It was hard to find shade since the buildings had collapsed.

Looking out over the ruins, I kept saying, “These leaders are fighting over rubble!”

I snap back to the slideshow on my phone and consider all these people forsaken by much of the world.

As a child of God, as a human being, I know I have a responsibility to these people. I know I have a calling to help, but I just have NO IDEA, what that calling is… and it’s frustrating!

I hope we have all reached a point where our heart tells us to do impossible things to help others.

That night I wanted to be automatically teleported from my couch to the shores of the Mediterranean. I want to build my own ark where I can save every person from the waters. I want to stand before those who are dropping bombs, tell them they are THE WORST and that they need to get their act together for the sake of these people… and I want that to magically work.

But I know I can’t accomplish all these things. I have real commitments (like going at Africa for 3 months) that I can’t just abandon. I also don’t have enough carpentry skills to make an ark. And not sure how compelling my arguments would be to the political leaders. And yet, my calling still remains.

Just because there are many things I can’t do, does not make me powerless.

We wouldn’t have true callings without abilities to follow them. I have financial support that I can give. I have my camera to help give these people a voice. I have my iPhone to stay in touch with the crisis.

And most importantly, I have an all-powerful God I can call upon. So that’s what I did on my couch in the middle of the night, still with no idea where this calling is taking me… but thankful knowing the highest power is looking out for this world.

Plus, I’m working on my anti-stupidity app.

Follow the calling, 

   ~ Lydia 



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