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29 Jun 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

Well, this is the first time we’ve met! I’m Gaby. Let’s get acquainted, shall we…

I’m a small girl from a big city; NYC, to be precise.

I’m a chameleon that can adapt to many situations: once I acted in one of Lydia’s videos, which entailed me crawling into her fireplace filled with candles and cameras… which I’m sure is a fire code violation somewhere.

I’m a globe-trotter, traveling everywhere from Honduras to Kenya to Burma and back to the CLT. Though you won’t find any stamps on my passport for any of these places.

That last bit is kinda confusing…

No, I’m not smuggled into other countries or jumping borders or anything crazy. I’m a video editor for Silent Images.

I see my role here at SI as the one who pieces together the puzzle made of interviews, scenic clips, music, and whatever else our projects call for in order to make a beautiful story for the nonprofits we serve.

Simply put, the editor’s role is to recover an organized mess and create stories. For me, it means going through seemingly endless footage and finding the nicest part of each shot. Sounds easy but it takes DAYS!

And yet, it’s because I get to look through so much footage that I get to explore the world. I don’t mind that others are physically experiencing the sounds and smells of Africa or South America because getting to hear amazing stories of people all around the world and knowing that I have a role in sharing them is more than enough for me!

So spending every day in front of my computer editing away isn’t tedious or repetitive for me. Every day is a new challenge discovering how to best serve our ministries. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nice to meet you, 

   ~ Gaby


Check out a video I made for one of my favorite groups in Charlotte: The Marketplace.



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