God and Diet Coke

18 Sep 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

At Silent Images I’m a professional creative and missionary, so being passion is part of the job description. So y’all can imagine my dismay on those days when I’m staring at my computer screen saying, “I’ve got nothing.”

Those are the days I wonder if I should update my resume on LinkedIn. Could be fired any minute.

Really, for me, this all comes back to my struggle with numbness: hearing dozens of stories a week (most with a heavy dose of tragedy mixed in) can be emotionally exhausting. Often it’s just easier to be go numb. I know this is terrible, yet my heart still feels nothing.

Thankfully this is not an every day occurrence but it’s a reality I believe many in missions deal with at some point.

Why does passion dissolve at times? And what in the world can I do to bring life back to a numb heart?

For me, I start with a Diet Coke (so I’m automatically in a happier place) and then I return to simple truths.

First Truth: I am not looking at this story though the right lens. Obviously, filming through my camera lens was right, but my the lens of heart shouldn’t be my own damaged perspective… it should be the perfect perspective of God.

Second Truth: God has no problem being passionate and inspired by these stories, especially since He planned them all out. He knows the beauty and the struggle and the glory of each story and that has got to be exciting for Him!

Third Truth: God offers me His perfect lens of love and compassion so that I can appreciate these stories like He does.

Fourth Truth: Every story of each individual refugee or trafficking victim or adopted child or soccer mom making a difference in her community has the Lord’s work displayed and He has called me to share that with others.

Thankfully I haven’t been fired yet, mostly because the Lord hasn’t failed to transform my heart. And through my struggle with numbness I’ve learned that passion isn’t so much a feeling as it is an understanding of truth that changes you.


Thankful for God’s perspective and Diet Coke,

~ Lydia



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