Good vs. Great

22 Jan 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog

I am back from Myanmar and it was great to be back on the field.  I am tired, but the good kind of tired.

The “good tired” is when we are absolutely exhausted, but we are satisfied that we applied our gifts to something meaningful.

I have not been out of the country since May, and this is the longest stretch I have gone without being on the field. As SI grows, I don’t have much time to be on the field as my days are often filled with administration, fundraising, and staff management.

Almost nine years ago I sat in a refugee camp in Sudan and watched doctors use their hands to heal, soldiers use their hands to protect, and engineers use their hands to build wells. Feeling a bit insecure because of my limited skills, I spent my time simply listening to the stories of the oppressed and snapping a few photos. The Lord later began to show me that listening to stories and snapping photos to show their beauty is exactly what he was calling me to do.

The vision was simple, and our mission has not changed from those early days, but my duties sure have. Today, I live vicariously through my dynamic staff and cheer them on as they are now the chief storytellers. I watch them apply their gifts for a meaningful purpose and return home with this same feeling of being “good tired.”

Next week, I will return to my daily responsibilities where I feel like I am working more out of my weaknesses than my strengths.  Working out of my weakness and insecurities sure puts more of a responsibility on the Lord as He has to work in spite of my limitations.

Maybe I need to reconsider my desire to be “good tired.” Maybe “good tired” is a bit too self-focused and my desire should be for the feeling of “great tired.”  “Great tired” is when God works through me in spite of my weakness and insecurity. This next week is sure to challenge me to work out my weakness, and I will need to remind myself that “great tired” is always more glorifying to God than “good tired.”

And for today, I’m the worst tired of all… jet-lagged tired! Thankful for the Lord’s help in my weakness.

Loving the journey,

~ David



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