Handicap Accessible

01 May 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

“Is this building handicap accessible?”  This seems to be a fair question, but there are more important experiences than accessing a building.

I have been able to access many buildings; yet, struggled to access my heart once inside.  I often find myself physically present yet emotionally insecure and inhibited.

People with disabilities seem to enjoy emotions that I am unable to tap into. Filming at Joy Prom reminded me that a handicap might be physically restricting, yet these beautiful people seem so emotionally liberated.

I want more of what they have. At Joy Prom we are in the exact same building but we are having two completely different experiences.

I may not have been pushed up a wheelchair ramp, but I definitely arrived with my own handicap. And the more I thought about it, the more I recognized my handicap is more restraining than a wheelchair.

We all arrive with disabilities from a lifetime of battling our own flesh: the physical and emotion struggles, the disappointments, the pressures, the failures, and a thousand other hardships. Yet when we reach the base of the cross we can finally exhale and rest as we look around and see others who share a similar journey.  Our abilities did not bring us here nor did our handicaps keep us from arriving. And how glorious is it to all be equally blessed at the cross.

From now on, every time I approach a building I am going to see if there’s a walkway for people with a handicap, and I am going walk up the ramp. This reminder of my own heart’s handicap will hopefully inspire the uninhibited joy I witnessed at Joy Prom.


Grateful for this journey,


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