Hospitals and Grace

16 Oct 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog
Until this past month, I have never been in a room with an Egyptian, a South Sudanese, and a Cameroonian.
Never thought I’d be in a surgical O.R. with all these people either.
But that’s where I was a witness to how hard these surgeons work… and two C-sections of two sets of twins! I just kept thinking, “How do these people know how to do this?!!?” I’m not a medical person so that was a pretty crazy situation for me and I had this profound respect for these doctors.
But the team of doctors at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon are very short staffed. Doctors are on call every three days, only sleeping a few hours a night.
“I’m not sure how anybody can handle that… having the responsibility to keep going no matter what. There is always someone waiting to be helped.” I thought to myself. And, sadly, there are some who can’t be helped.
While talking to PAACS Program Director and Surgeon at Mbingo, Dr. Jim Brown, he said they see about three deaths per day.
Can you imagine? Facing that every day. Processing that every day. And still work so hard.
But the residents and surgeons have each other. They truly are a family. They lean on each other for encouragement.
“Give yourself more grace,” I heard them say to one another.
That really stuck with me.
To give yourself more grace, to keep pressing forward so that you can be all in for the next patient. It’s interesting to think that this grace isn’t just to help yourself but also so that you can help others. An outward focused grace…
Much respect for these surgeons and residents. Glad I got to be in the room with you.
Be encouraged friends,
These surgeons are part of the PAACS program, which is a five year medical program for Africans who have the heart to serve the needy of their own countries. Watch their video here.

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