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25 Sep 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog
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Let me be honest: I used to to annoy the junk out of my boss about getting the C100mrk 2… for anyone who doesn’t know, that a very fancy name for a very fancy camera.

For a whole year I tried to weasel into every office conversation that we should get this camera. My argument had been that if I got this camera then I would be able to do my job better.

And after a long 365 days of badgering David, he finally caved!

I remember the day the camera came in, in its big box and I was so happy. I removed the layers of bubble rap and foam peanuts and there she is… everything I wanted and more.

Now fast forward a few months and the Sony As7II (another fancy camera) just came out. I look at the C100 camera that I was so excited about and it didn’t seem to have the glow it once did.

Honestly I felt ashamed and didn’t want to tell my boss how I now wanted the newest camera (this is probably the first time he’s hearing about this). Now don’t get me wrong the C100 camera we bought is great and it does pushes me and allows me to do great things as a videographer. But really the camera isn’t going to make me a better videographer and storyteller.

The other day I was watching a video on Vimeo of a story of Human trafficking prevention program that one of my friends made while he was in Thailand. After watching that video my heart leapt for joy. And it wasn’t because he was using the fanciest camera, but because the people and their story were so moving.

Through this I was reminded that I’m not here to make a great piece of artwork. I’m here to tell sorties that help nonprofit organizations make this world a more beautiful place.

When I came back to the heart of why I do what I do, thats when I became grateful for the things in my life. I think it can be a constant battle of my mind to not let comparison and the pursuit of the newest gadget rob the joy out of my life.

I think its okay to invest in things that will help us become better but not to rely on material things or even other people to make us content. So I challenge myself an anyone else reading to take time and remember what really matters.

So, thank you David for my new toy/tool that I get to use to go and make an impact in this world!

Getting better,
~ Hunter



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