Ignoble Beginnings

21 Aug 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

My mission at Silent Images really began with a great display of laziness.

We all have our own particular form of laziness: binge watching seasons of Friends on Netflix, taking naps at their desks when the boss isn’t watching, letting dishes and laundry pile up…

For me, my brand of laziness came as skipping class in high school… and college. But, surprisingly, one day of laziness actually put me on the path to Silent Images.

It was my junior year of high school. I was in journalism class because I wanted an easy A class and you can pull friends out of their classes with the excuse that you need a quote for an article. It was a great class!

One day my journalism teacher asked if anyone wanted to go out to the parking lot to take pictures for an article. I automatically volunteer because I could definitely wander around for at least 30 minutes without suspicion.

Funny enough, that half hour was the first step in the 10 year long journey to where I am today. It was my first time really holding a camera, looking at how cool it was that images reflected off hubcaps, laying down in that nasty parking lot (not my best idea) to get a different angle… from then I became my high school’s photographer, then journalism school at UNC Chapel Hill, then Silent Images.

I wish I could say I always had a burning passion to give a voice to the voiceless and use my camera to serve the world… but really I just wanted to skip class.

But ignoble beginnings can be transformed into something beautiful and useful!

A journey isn’t dictated by it’s first step. Truly, every step is an opportunity for change and growth and inspiration and new directions… and often we don’t end up where we expected, but isn’t that a wonderful surprise!

So no matter how your journey began, I hope it’s full of surprises.


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