I’m Freaking Out a Bit…

10 Apr 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

I’ve always traveled by a general rule: don’t be dumb.

Our Silent Images team went out for lunch to learn what to do if you get kidnapped, pick-pocketed, or have a gun to your face in a hostile foreign country… Needless to say, my heart rate was up.

But even with my well-planned and thorough general rule, there was this one time in Peru where I start to get surrounded by a group of five men I knew were watching me in an area known for human trafficking… thankfully fear makes your feet move faster, and I saw a hole in the circle they were making around me so I just ran for it!

(Mom, if this is your first time hearing this story, I’m sorry to scare you, but it all turned out alright!)

Though I was freaking out a bit at lunch just thinking of all the potential things that could go wrong on a trip (even if I follow the wisest preventative measures) my heart was calmed by the peace God brings.

I honestly am never scared when I travel into foreign, potentially dangerous countries. The way I see it, when God starts something He is always faithful to complete it.

So if He planned on me completing a video project, then logically I have to actually make it home so that I can edit the video. Or if it worst does happen, He started an eternal salvation in me and I rest peacefully in His loving sovereignty.

Thankful for formal safety training, but I’ll first keep my faith in God’s promises… and follow my general rule.

Be at rest,

~ Lydia


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