I’m traveling the world and it’s still not enough…

20 Mar 2015, Posted by silentimages in Africa, Blog, Refocus

I’m at breakfast staring at the steam rising from my coffee completely zoned out. It’s my last day in Africa after traveling 7 weeks from one exotic place to another.

With Open Eyes, the ministry I have been serving, gives motorcycles to local pastors who ride out into the remote parts of Africa to share the story of Jesus. Today I am traveling out to the most remote villages of Rwanda to film and interview the locals on the impact of the ministry. Today was supposed to be the highlight of my trip…

But I woke up wanting to go home, dreaming of my American comforts and my couch.

WHAT? Am I crazy? There are people who would gladly trade places and travel the world in the name of Jesus, taking pictures and making videos for a living. I’m wondering: “Am I just ungrateful? Is there more than this? Am I missing something?”

I pray and ask, “Why am I feeling this way? I’m doing all these things in Jesus’ name, I’m on the adventure of a lifetime, and all I want to do is veg-out on Netflix!”

Then I realized, that was the first time I talked to God in the last few days other than a stereotypical “thanks for this food”. With my tail between my legs I refocus my heart on God and His word. Thank goodness for His grace!

Travel and adventure are great, but they only fulfill so much. Its ONLY when we are aware of God’s Spirit that we are truly on an adventure. Whether we are in Charlotte, NC, or Kigali, Rwanda, God can overflow our lives with excitement and adventure as we pursue our relationship with Him.

To truly be aware of our Creator’s presence is the most thrilling adventure of a lifetime.

– Hunter

PS – After that realization, I ended up getting the best footage of the trip and I was super connected with the stories and people I encountered that day. It ended up being the highlight of my trip after all.


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