Keeping Compassion

20 Nov 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

Recently the news has been saturated with all the tragedies, atrocities, debates, and fear confronting our world.

Reading about the refugee debates in the news makes me glad, perhaps selfishly, that someone took compassion on my own parents. That’s right, I’m the child of two immigrants who sought after a better life in the United States.

Their story isn’t as harrowing as those of the Syrian refugees, but it’s just as important. They came from a country plagued with corruption within the government and set their sights on another country that offered them hope and freedom.

It makes me wonder what hope and freedom we can still offer today for refugees? How do we show compassion while remaining wise in a tumultuous world?

Still, have you ever wondered what it might be like to live as a refugee? It’s a crazy question, mostly because many of us are lucky enough to never consider it.

My work here at Silent Images allows me to witness the stories of refugees: some had bullets flying through their home, some had their own governments turning on them, others were being forced into the military… none of them wanted to be a refugee.

These days make me thankful that my parents weren’t turned away when they needed refuge. They just wanted a better life for their family. And they’ve done great things for their community here in America. Isn’t that something everyone wants?

I believe we call those our ‘human rights.’

If we believe in human rights, we must not completely abandon victims of governments that leave them in desperate circumstances. What bright future might we be denying these refugees who are simply looking for a new start?

I don’t know what the exact solutions are. I know our government and governments around the world have incredibly difficult choices to make, and they are looking at them with information and insight that I can’t account for. And I want to respect their efforts to protect their citizens. It’s truly a trying time for our world.

But I know responding in fear isn’t a solution. Fear created this crisis and (this might be cheesy) but I believe love and compassion will restore it.

In love, 

    ~ Gaby



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