Learning How to be Flexible

18 Aug 2017, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

One thing I’ve learned about working in video production is that you have to be flexible.

Flexible meaning: being ready for very little actually happening as planned.

The organizational side of my personality loves post-it notes, lists, and having the peace of mind from having a planned schedule.

But in my experience, the most memorable stories I’ve heard came from unexpected plans.

On a recent shoot I had, everything changed last minute and I ended up spending an entire day with a lady named Alice whom I didn’t plan on interviewing. (She’s pretty great – video coming soon!)

I can honestly say that I didn’t think I would be able to capture what I needed and it was a little stressful.

But it turned out that her story was more impactful than I thought and I ended up capturing a much needed perspective.

Would I have found her perspective if the schedule didn’t shift? Sadly, probably not.

I’ve also found that being flexible means being ready for a personal challenge and listening intently.

This is an especially important lesson for creatives. You never know what you’re capable of creatively if you don’t find yourself in unexpected or new situations.

I’ve slowly found myself growing into a person that is okay with last minute changes to schedules. In fact, I now welcome it.

Although I still have four varieties of post-its on my desk!

That’s never going to change,


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