Lessons from The Intern

10 Jul 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

My name is Megan and I’m the summer intern.

Being an intern has been a great opportunity packed with a number of new experiences. Coming into a new job and environment I was nervous; lacking confidence with the amount of experience I had in video production.

Most video shoots I felt unqualified because I was still figuring out exactly how to work this massive camera.

Recently Katy and I were filming Uptown with the BELL program that works with intercity children. We were out on the playground with the kids and I found myself having the most fun. The kids had me laughing behind my camera the whole afternoon.

They were break dancing (one kid can do a sweet Michael Jackson), striking poses… and trying to steal the camera to take pictures of their friends. I thought, “Probably not a good idea to let them take it because it’s a super expensive camera and it’s bigger than they are anyway…”

I noticed something about this project that was different. I actually felt confident in my ability to capture the story happening right before me. The camera in my hand didn’t feel so unfamiliar.

Sometimes I doubt my abilities but on days like this I am filled with joy and confidence that the Lord has me here at Silent Images for a reason.

Working at Silent Images is rewarding because we are telling stories of real people who are often overlooked and forgotten. This is why my heart is so full of joy because I see the purpose of what we are doing here. Better yet I see the Lord encouraging me despite my nervousness. Here I am gaining experience and confidence fully realizing that God is the one who brought me to Silent Images so He’s obviously got good stuff planned.

Thankful for God’s plan, 

    ~ Megan, the Intern



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