Lessons Learned in Canada

14 Oct 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

As I ride passenger side, through the fall-turned leaves, I contemplate on how different Toronto looks and feels compared to Charlotte, North Carolina.

During my time in Canada, I learned that Canadians really do say “Eh?”, they completely and full heartedly love their hockey, and in school, they go to maple syrup farms for field trips (how awesome is that!?).

I do feel bad that they don’t have Chick-fil-A, though.

As a car of Americans and Canadians, we shop at different supermarkets, go to different restaurants, we have different vocabulary…. yet we are unified in Christ.

Experiencing a different culture is a beautiful thing. No matter the skin color, the accent, or gender, Christ is what makes us one.

SIM Canada is located in Toronto, Ontario and is such a great example of unity.

In such a multi cultural city, they believe in partnering with local and global churches to further the gospel. SIM works alongside already planted missionaries and provide resources such as bibles, leadership and discipleship training, and more missionaries if needed. Their mission is not about imposing, it’s about partnering as a family. This allows SIM to go where least He is least known.

I think that the effect of such a ministry is powerful.

I applaud and encourage those who are working hard to further the gospel.

Now as I ride in my own car down 485 in Charlotte, I see the leaves starting to turn. It reminds me of my new Canadian family.

Here’s to new friends… I’ll have a Chick-fil-A biscuit in your honor,


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