My Heart’s in the Wrong Place

22 Sep 2017, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

When I was younger I often felt forgotten… and, really, sometimes I still do.

I was the youngest of four kids. Life was hectic and busy. I was selfish for attention, so I did the most logical thing to a kid: I ran away from home.

Well, I ran away from the house and hid in the garage. But the garage was detached from the house so it totally counted.

I stayed hidden all day.

(It was probably only like an hour, but a minute of boredom to a kid feels like a lifetime!)

I romanticized the drama of my parents realizing how much they truly loved now that I was missing. And they would desperately search for the precious child they had lost.

My goodness, I was such a melodramatic child!

When I was in Nicaragua a few months ago I thought a lot about being lost and being found when I met baby Jeremias.

He’s such a cute little mama’s boy. His little giggle. Those soft, blonde ringlets!!! Y’all, it was almost too much glory in one little baby.

You’d never guess that he was born with a rare heart defect. Worldwide only 200 cases of his defect have every been reported. Basically his chest cavity (where your heart is supposed to sit nicely) wasn’t fully formed so his heart dropped and sat on top of his intestines. Less than 2 millimeters of skin separated his heart from the outside world. You could watch his heart beating.



For a poor family in Nicaragua, finding a doctor was hard enough. So finding a surgeon who would take on such a complicated case seemed (and basically do it for free) like a lost cause. Jeremias’ mother Merlene would have to live with outliving her child.

Thankfully, that’s not the end of this families story. I don’t want to give you all the details because we have a video coming out that I hope displays this story much more beautifully than I could write. So get excited about that.

But I can tell you that as I played with Jeremias’ sweet curls I couldn’t believe how hidden his world seems. We are in the jungles of Nicaragua. A place I imagine few people think about regularly. This precious child lives with an exceptionally rare defect. That few have seen and fewer know how to fix.

And yet here I am to document his redemption.

The very fact that I am here is proof that, no matter what his circumstance, Jeremias is not forgotten.

There always was, and will always be, a loving Father who is watching over him.

After my time in the garage, I finally went back inside the house, disappointed that no one had come searching for me. But now as an adult looking back I realize that I was never outside the attention of my parents. They were always watching over me, whether I recognized it or not.

They didn’t have to search for me because I was never really lost.



~ Lydia



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