Nuns can be blackbelts

07 Jun 2017, Posted by silentimages in Blog
nuns are blackbelts

Ok, so imagine you and a nun are walking down a dangerous street in Honduras. Suddenly a gang ambushes you. You’re paralyzed with fear. You pray for deliverance.

But fear not! God has provided a nun, who can do all things through Christ who strengthens her round-house kick!

Ok, so this exact scenario didn’t happen when I was in Honduras… though there was one instance where there was a gang on the way to ambush us, but that’s a whole other blog…

Anyway, as I sit around the breakfast table chatting with some Sister of Mary nuns, the last thing I expected to hear out of these docile, adorable women is that they have their blackbelts. When I ask why, they say that they love joining the students they serve as they learn martial arts… and it is also handy for self-defense considering the journeys these nuns take.

The Sisters of Mary are the warriors of the World Villages for Children mission that opens schools for the poorest of the poor children all around the world. These kids come from city slums and rural farms and small villages made from local landfills. These are children who likely wouldn’t graduate from elementary school and are stuck in the same poverty as their parents.

But these Sisters are willing to find these forgotten children and give them unimaginable opportunities: an education, three meals a day, and hope for a new life for themselves as well as their families. Not to mention the love of the Sisters… which I can say from experience, literally makes you feel all warm inside.

And to find these kids, these Sisters are transversing mountains and marching down threatening streets. More than 170,000 students have been a part of these schools… that’s a lot of journeys these Sisters have made.

Being at the schools, the effects of their love and commitment is easily seen in the thousands of children’s faces.

Coming home from this trip, I hope I can walk in the footsteps of these nuns… fearlessly following my calling from the Lord… and maybe one day getting my blackbelt.

Keep calm and travel with nuns,

   ~ Lydia  



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