Our Code

02 Feb 2018, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus
girl jumping

When Silent Images was established in 2007, one of our greatest concerns was determining how to capture stories without stealing the dignity of the people we documented.

Ever since 2007, every Silent Images photographer has to sign the Silent Images Code of Ethics.

The first, if not the most important, item reads, “Serving as missionaries is always more important than taking a photograph.”

David, our Founder, also decided that we would never personally keep money earned from the sale of our work in order to preserve and protect the stories of the people and organizations with which we partner.

Anytime we sell a photo to an individual, Disney, CNN, or anyone else, the money has gone to the ministry or individual who appears in the photo.

Our team continues to prioritize preserving dignity and our goal is to grow in our sensitivity while recognizing the power of sharing the stories we regularly encounter.

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