Playing with a miracle…

05 Jun 2015, Posted by silentimages in Africa, Refocus

With a mischievous grin Gracie challenges me to this jumping game. After a few minutes of hopping she’s laughing in glee while I’m struggling for breath.

You’d never know little Gracie had a brain tumor… as we play outside her tin home in rural Kenya I grin back at this adorable child who most thought wouldn’t make it to her 9th birthday.

When Gracie reached primary school she began suffering from terrible headaches, head swelling, loss of coordination, and more. The hospital revealed the tumor but there wasn’t much hope for its safe removal. When Gracie’s father heard that he had an “abnormal” child, he left Gracie and her mom and her two other siblings. Suddenly Gracie’s mom is alone with three kids, one with a life threatening diagnosis, and no job.

Thankfully, Gracie’s mom is one loving, tough woman… an awesome combination! She worked for years to get Gracie help as well as support the family.

Then she connected with a ministry called Bethany Kids. Working out of Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, Bethany Kids sponsors children in need of severe medical assistance… like a brain tumor.

Gracie wears a hat and I assumed it was to cover her surgical scar. I was honestly a little surprised she was willing to show it to me. It’s pattern revolved around almost her entire head. I know I’d be embarrassed to show people proof of my broken past…

But this girl says it’s proof that God answered her greatest prayer. Proof that He was able and excited to send a ministry to find her in the middle of Kenya. Proof that He wanted to give her hope of a new life on earth and a new life in Christ.

She says she won the jumping game. I’m still not sure how to play the game, but I’m happy to lose myself in the smiles of this beautiful miracle.

Play with miracles,

~ Lydia


Click here to learn more about the awesome work of Bethany Kids.

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