Quest or Adventure?

10 Feb 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

Recently, I have been reflecting on the difference between a quest and an adventure. When I was a young boy, I would go on adventures to the woods near my home, but I always returned. The adventure was short, calculated, and I never fully invested because I knew I could come back to a familiar place with a comfortable bed and hot meal. Honestly, the adventure was more about me than it was about a mission.


When I grew up and began to consider the call on my life, I was challenged to think about my life as a quest.  Now I was challenged to go to places that would stretch my generosity, spirit, compassion, and faithfulness. Once I got there, I could not return.  It had little to do with my location. Instead, it was more about my heart as I encountered hurting people.


Our goal at Silent Images continues to keep this life quest at the forefront. As we take our cameras to hurting places, we pray that our quest to tell stories of hope in the midst of injustice will also lead our viewers on a quest to consider their response. We do not want to take our viewers to places where they can quickly return unchanged.


We invite you on this quest with us…. to leave our comfortable places and enter into a long term quest of bringing beauty to a broken world. I hope our Refocus Blog will be another place you can come be encouraged and challenged as you read our stories and the stories of those we serve.


Happy journeys,
~ David & the Silent Images Team


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