Real Men Cry

31 Jul 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

I love seeing grown men cry!

Seriously, one of my favorite things in the world. I know that makes me sound a little heartless, but I just love seeing that real men have hearts that can be moved to tears.

One of my favorite crying men is Dr. John. I was on a medical trip with him to Nicaragua with Bless Back Worldwide. Our group had set up a clinic at a local church. Each doctor had a plastic patio table, a translator, and dozens a patients throughout our 10 hour day.

I was on the other side of the room when I saw this old woman with eyes closed laying her hands on Dr. John’s head. My videographer mind was like: “Praying, awesome!!” So, naturally, I trip in my hasty run over to film this event. When I finally had my camera rolling, I realized I was witnessing something so much greater then simply cool video footage.

This woman wanted to pray for the doctor that sacrificed to be there for her; prayer was the greatest gift she could offer him. Though she couldn’t speak a lick of English, nor Dr. John a lick of Spanish, there was such an exchange of love and thankfulness and joy it seemed that the language gap actually gave the Holy Spirit more room to work.

As this woman prays, I watch Dr. John change; something was breaking in his heart in the best of ways. She has her hands on his head and he is bowing low, shaking slightly, experiencing the Lord in such a real way.

When he lifts his head at the end of her prayer, tears brighten his eyes. To me, he looked as if he couldn’t even comprehend what just happened… which made it that much more awesome!

The two embrace, having experienced the true community of the Body of Christ. I wonder if this woman was thinking to herself: “Why are Dr. John and this random videographer crying?”

Nah, she probably didn’t question it at all… she probably knew the proper reaction to the Spirit moving is adoring tears.

That’s why I love seeing grown men cry. It’s an outward sign of inward glory; it’s so real and raw and unavoidable.

Thanks, Dr. John, for being a real man of God and for the unnamed woman with powerful prayers. It was a blessing to witness this moment with y’all.

Tearing up right now,

   ~ Lydia


Check out this scene in the Bless Back video. 



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