Reflections in Traffic

04 Sep 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus
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My life is busy. There’s little time to stop and reflect.

The other day I was headed home and was stuck in traffic waiting to get on the interstate. To the right of my car was a man, standing beside the on ramp to 485. There are often people on the side of the road hoping for a hand out, so this is not a new occurrence, sadly. But, this guy seemed different.

He wore a white undershirt that read “Need Help”, or something to that affect. I could see his shoulders shaking and his chin quivering, the way they do when you’re coming out of an intense sob session.

My heart ached for this man, my stomach churned out of discomfort.

I quickly fumbled for my purse, only to discover I had a grand total of $1.36. As a woman without my husband in the car, I didn’t feel equipped to stop and lend the listening ear I wanted to. I desperately wanted to help this fellow but resolved to just pray that the good Lord above would meet him in his time of need. While I know that prayer works, my love language of giving felt sorely disappointed.

As I continued the trek back to Huntersville, I began to reflect on how we all need help from time to time. I never wanted to feel that “ I have nothing to give” feeling again.

From now on, I will always keep a bag in my car for someone in need. In that bag will be a note of encouragement, water, food, $10 and a list of resources.

Who knows, next week, I could be the one standing on the side of the street needing help.





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