Right Kind of Crazy

04 Feb 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

SI Team


I’d never cried at an interview before… and still gotten the job.


It was 2012, it had been a week since I moved back to America from a year of mission work in East Asia, and I had my first meeting with my now boss, David Johnson. Moving back from the mission field leaves you the most physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted you’ve ever been in your life. Plus, 12 hours of jetlagged really open your water ducts!


David asked me real questions about my life and my travels, those harder questions most people avoid out of politeness. Yet, they were exactly the questions I needed someone to ask me. When you are actually wanting and willing to hear someone’s story, at least a few tears are fairly inevitable. And often exactly what that someone needs.


After a great conversation and a few moments drying my eyes, David offers me a job at Silent Images. I’m thinking, “This dude is nuts! Why hire a 23 year-old woman who just cried in front of a potential employer in the middle of Dilworth Coffee?”


He pulled out my resume, read the obvious credentials – journalism major, Chapel Hill graduate, skilled in photography and film, international work experience, etc. – and then he tells me that the reason he believed I could work at Silent Images was the fact that I was a hang gliding instructor in college. He said it was the right kind of crazy needed to succeed here.


We are all definitely a special type of crazy here at Silent Images. We all choose to travel around Charlotte and the world (into some seriously dangerous and challenging situations at times) to discover the stories of the most downtrodden yet most persevering people. We all choose to use our gifts to serve rather than simply earn a better paycheck. We all see storytelling as a way to impact society. We all are completely, insanely dedicated to our mission here at Silent Images to use our cameras to serve the world.


Everyone is a certain type of crazy. It’s just about figuring out how you can use your crazy in the right kind of way.


Use your crazy well,
~ Lydia, Creative Director


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