“See ya at the gun shop.”

13 Mar 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

“I will see ya at the gun shop.”   These were the last words Lamard said to me as we parted ways on the 8th floor of the hospital.

Lamard, a tall, black male with dreadlocks down his back and a grey hoodie pulled over his head, said this to me, a white guy holding my latte from Starbucks wearing my designer puffy vest.  Most media sources would salivate over this encounter and manipulate this moment into a story of racial tension by highlighting all our differences.  However, like most of our life experiences, there is much more to our story than what is covered in the headlines.

At odd hours in the night, while our wives slept, Lamard and I would find ourselves roaming the hallways of the hospital with our newborn baby girls. We laughed as we talked about the “dad experience.”

On our last conversation together, we spoke openly about the burden we feel as dads to protect our daughters from a dangerous and cruel world. I told him that I hope our paths cross again and maybe our girls will end up going to school together.

As Lamard walked away, he smiled and said, “Our paths will cross again, but it will be at the gun shop to keep our daughters safe.”

There is something about holding a newborn baby that forces people to put differences aside and consider how we can work together to foster a better future for our children. There is hope that is birthed with every child.  When we hold a baby, we dream of a world better than the one we currently live in.

In spite of the racial tension that currently fills our headlines, Lamard and I focused on our shared experience and both left committed to build a safer world for our daughters.  More grownups should hold babies.

~ David


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