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11 Jun 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog
Katy-South Africa

“Oh, that’s not too bad, I can get that out.” I thought as I painted a school in the slums of Cape Town, South Africa. I looked on the sleeve of my pink jacket and there were blue paint speckles everywhere.

Unfortunately though, it was an oil based paint, which is harder to get out. And, more unfortunate, it was not actually my jacket…

That night I had to admit to my friend that I’d ruined her jacket and she joked: “Oh… of course you did.” But she didn’t mind at all.

Later I approached her again, because I felt really bad. She smiled and said a little paint just adds to the story.

“What story?” I asked. She shared about how she was wearing this very same jacket when she was in a bad car accident on the first day of school, which put her in rehab for a year.

Her perseverance and strength inspired me. Her testimony reminded me that everything and everyone has a story.

My time at Silent Images has been short so far, but I’ve learned that amongst the mess of the canvas of life, there is hope. There is hope in stories and there is hope in friendship.

Let’s look for hope rather than worrying about a little bit of blue paint on a pink jacket.

– Katy


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