David was a 2011 TED talk speaker and has lectured at NYU, Duke, Stanford, Baylor, Penn State, and dozens of other high schools, universities and churches across the nation. If you would like to book David for a lecture or an in-home meeting, please contact Tim Kroll at Tim@silentimages.org.

“Mr. Johnson’s insight into the presence of hope in so many impoverished regions of the world is inspiring. It also inspired us to use our education to follow our passions wherever they take us in this world and in our lives. It was one of the best chapel talks that our school has had in the seven years that I’ve been here. He is truly a citizen of the world.” – Student Episcopal School of Dallas

“In places where justice remains a distant dream for many women and girls, David Johnson has the courage to see the beauty and the humanity behind the pain. He invites us to see our sisters around the world as they are – beautiful human beings – and encourages each reader to consider their own role in lifting the burden.” – Gary Haugen (President and founder of International Justice Mission & former attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice)

“Both the people who have never heard of the genocide in Darfur and those who are activists can listen to David speak about it. Instead of bogging down the human aspect of the conflict with the statistics, politics, and accounts of human beings as simply being victims of violence, he talks about individual people, their stories, and their unrelenting hope. This, I think, allows the audience to really think about their place in the world and experience a personal connection with the people in Darfur that moves them to want to help. And with the encouragement of audience participation and discussion and the passionate and heartbreaking anecdotes of real people, any person who listens to David will be hooked!” – Student: UC Berkeley

“David’s intimate knowledge and perspective of the help needed in   Darfur painted a provocative picture of the situation. His vivid pictures and heart:wrenching stories inspired all the NYU students  attending.” – Student: NYU