Tamarind – Indian Food Miracle

17 Jun 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

Kenia and I always said that were committed to building a marriage, not a wedding. This was a good thing considering what a disaster our wedding could have become.

During the wedding rehearsal my dad pulled me aside and told me there has been an accident. The man bringing our food got in a car wreck with his wife and little girl.

Devastated, Kenia and I start to pray.

We weren’t worried by the inconvenience of no food but we wanted to make sure the man and his family were okay. Considering this news, on top of the fact that rain was in the forecast, our wedding rings were lost, and bridesmaids were passing out, Kenia and I had to prayerfully remind ourselves of our larger mission.

After the wedding and in our first hours of marriage, Kenia and I found ourselves at our favorite Indian restaurant where we saw Bhim, the man from the accident.

As we were eating chicken tiki masala (hold the spice for me), Bhim began to explain to us the miracle that occurred during our rehearsal while he attempted to deliver our food. With a slightly swollen face, he proceeds to tell us that his little girl always sits in the middle seat of the van in the second row.

But this time he decided to put her in a different seat.

He said “when the car ran into our van, the food container fell on the spot where my daughter usually sits. It would have crushed her.”

Thank The Lord he decided to change her seat. Because of that, she left without a scratch.

Other than a brand new van loan to pay off, Bhim and his family are doing well now.

The plus sides are endless: It never rained, the rings were found, bridesmaids recomposed, and a little girl’s life was saved.

Sometimes our biggest inconveniences end up becoming our greatest opportunities to build relationships and point people to the Lord.

Weddings are not about “happily ever after.” They are picture of God’s redemption offering a stage where God demonstrates his pursuit of His bride and restores order out of chaos.


ps. If you live near Matthews, NC or ever visit, make sure you check out Bhim’s restaurant Tamarind Fine Cuisine of India. Its a cute hole in the wall but I promise you wont be disappointed!



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