Thankful for the Moments

27 Nov 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog
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It’s Thanksgiving, which means we’ll all at some point take a moment to consider what we’re thankful for…

And moments are truly what we’re thankful for here at Silent Images.

Obviously, we know we’re blessed to have wonderful families and nice equipment to do our work. Yet as we consider what we’re thankful for we realize it’s the moments that transform us.

Moments with our loved ones. Moments with unexpected friends. Moments where we cried then smiled. Moments where we cried from laughing so hard. Moments where we grew… even if it hurt a little. Moments make us better.

So here are some of the moments our Silent Images staff are thankful for:

Hunter :: I’m thankful for seeing someone walk for the first time in Honduras.

Lydia :: For that moment after someone finishes sharing their story, when they smile because they are empowered knowing that their story will make a difference in the world.

Holly :: I’m thankful for the moments when someone takes the time to email us at Silent Images saying that we’ve made a difference in their life.

Gaby :: For all the times people show me random acts of kindness; like leaving me a surprise slushy on my desk during stressful days.

Katy :: I’m thankful for every moment on FaceTime with my best friend who lives across the country.

David :: Grateful for the quiet moments each Monday morning when our staff gathers and drops our Ebenezer rocks in gratitude for God’s unexpected blessings upon Silent Images. Our jars are literally overflowing from 2015, which is a good visual for the joy and gratitude I feel this week for the Lord’s provision on SI.

We’re glad to share some moments with you. We hope you’ve made some amazing moments this Thanksgiving.

Always thankful,

   ~ SI Staff


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