The Story of #40for40

02 Oct 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

“Who do you want to invite to your 40th birthday party?” my lovely wife asked me.

Her intention was good, but we all know that adult birthday parties are often lame and easily forgettable. Why would I want to invite all my buddies over to my house for something that is moderately interesting and only celebrating that I have not yet died?

So I began to brainstorm ideas to make my 40th a bit more memorable, active and purposeful. In denial of my level of physical fitness, I decided to create a physical challenge for myself to walk 40 miles.

“That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. You’re gonna kill yourself!” said my lovely wife who has a clearer view of my limits than I do.

Like any good husband, I ignored her. So sitting on my couch eating a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream, #40for40 challenge was birthed.

And I’ve learned through my many years that the best journeys in life are shared with friends. So my team and I decided invite all of our friends to join us on this journey to find their own 40. Not everyone likes to walk and not everyone likes to take photos, but everyone loves to do something: hiking, biking, baking, painting, making coffee, volunteering at school… and lots more.

So 40for40 is simply an invitation to our friends to think creatively and live purposefully. To use what we are already passionate about as a way to serve others.

And for my lazy buddies who need an incentive, I am throwing in a free Silent Images shirt to the first 40 people who sign up!

Read more about #40for40 here and join the movement!

~ David



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