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01 Apr 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog

So, our team has been around the world literally dozens of times. And we’ve learned quite a few things we’d love to share with you:

1.   Invest in a GIANT bag that you can call a purse so that attendants can’t take it from you. Project Director Holly says, “I never travel without my Joyn tote- it’s perfect for fitting everything into and looking stylish while at it ;-)” (Special shoutout to The Marketplace and Joyn India for the best jumbo purses)

holly travel

2.   Bring socks on the plane!! Planes can often be unnecessarily cold, I’m guessing because travelers BO is a real thing, and airlines have to take every precaution to keep people from sweating… so fight BO and cold feet easily with socks! Longtime globetrotter Hunter says, “It’s better to be safe than sorry because it’s the worst to be on an airplane and freezing.”

hunter travel


3.   SNACKS!!! Airlines may offer free meals, but recent traveler Katy says, “Airplane food… enough said.”

katy travel


4.   Plane Hack: For long international flights airlines fill the front of the plane before they fill the back. So Creative Director Lydia explains, “If you know the plane isn’t full, go to the back of the plane and take up a whole row of seats. Hope that no one comes to claim a seat. If they do, move onto another row. Continue until the captain declares takeoff. There is no greater traveling miracle than having a complete row of seats to yourself for an international flight!”

lydia travel


5.   Drink tons of water. Why do they only give those super tiny cups?!? Bringing your own water bottle and filling it in the airport can save your trip.

hunter travel 2


These have been tips and plane hacks from your friendly Silent Images team. Hope you enjoyed your blog.

Buh bye now!

~ SI Team



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