Very Profound Thoughts

16 Sep 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog

I just returned from 3 months in Africa and I feel like I should have something profound to say… but instead I only have simple thoughts.

Simple thoughts of my favorite Kenyan kid named Fidel (yes, like Castro) who would yell “Gotcha!” when he held my hand.

Thoughts of when I convinced some middle school students that I could speak to goats.

Thoughts of the Kenyan men and women I got to pray with… and those who prayed over me.

But mostly my thoughts go back to a moment months before I even went to Africa.

Ted and I weren’t married yet. We were sitting on his couch talking about nothing really, when suddenly he says something very profound.

He said that God had given me a great calling to ministry. And, as the leader of our soon-to-be family, he would submit his life to that calling and follow me wherever God may lead me…

Ted then shared his other convictions and biblical thoughts and words of love… and, yeah, I totally don’t remember much of that because I was stuck on my super-profound thought: “WHOA!”

Is this man seriously telling me that he is will to surrender his life to support my calling?!!!? Usually it’s the wives having conversations about submitting to their husbands, so what was this wonderful dude doing? Seriously, y’all, I didn’t have any good words to respond with so I just cried and kissed him.

Ted’s promise led to spending 3 months in Africa, learning photography and film, leaving his job, letting me be his “boss” on shoots, and basically putting his life/plans on hold to serve in the calling that God gave me… and now him. And he did it all with joy.

I’m really not trying to be sappy or do a humble brag about how awesome I am at husband-choosing… I’m trying to share the thought that came to my mind at least a thousand times I was in Africa: “I am so, so thankful that God called us together.”

Really, all of God’s callings bring people together. He brought Ted and I together. He lead us to everyone we served in Africa. He allowed all of us to join together in prayer. And, in His awesomeness, God introduced me to Fidel, who keeps a piece of my heart in Africa.

I’m not sure what your mission is, but be excited for all the amazing people God will call with you.

Always thankful, 

   ~ Lydia 



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