Who We Serve, Near and Far

05 Jan 2018, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus

In 2013 South Sudan plunged into civil war.

Since the violence began, approximately 4 million South Sudanese people have become internally displaced or refugees in foreign countries.

Though this population has experienced horrific suffering, there are those who bring hope to their people. Sosthen is such a man. He serves his people faithfully and is a source of strength for his community.

This is who we serve.

Silent Images exists to share the stories of hope in the midst of injustice.

There are people throughout the world who have been affected by grave issues such as human trafficking, homelessness, mental illness, and genocide.

Yet, despite these hardships, there are individuals and groups that are heroically fighting to give these people a voice.

Whether through photography or videography, we want to give these people a voice and inspire audiences to join in their mission by giving, going, or praying.

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