Working on Your Sick Day

13 Nov 2015, Posted by silentimages in Blog

Today I am typing to you from my couch at home under a thick blanket (though my husband would say it’s warm in here). Usually I’d be thrilled about a day to work from home but not so much today… I’m working from home because I’m sick.

You may be thinking: “Why are you working?!!? Get some rest.” And I see your point and believe that I should take a long weekend tanning on a beach somewhere… to aid my recovery and avoid my horrible winter paleness.

But instead, I’m still on my couch typing.

Because in my real world there are deadlines to reach and ministries to serve… so the photo shown above has been my motivation. It’s my computer desktop so I see it a few dozen times a day.

These sweet little friends remind me that though we may struggle today, the impact of our actions can last for generations.

(Also shown above is a preview of previously mentioned winter paleness.)

Anyway, this photo was taken while I was working in India where you end every day exhausted, but I know the videos I’ve made from this trip are already benefiting my little friends and their families.

Really I can never know fully what the effects of my photos or videos or blogs actually have on this world… so I’d rather sacrifice a little for the potential of serving another. Totally worth it.

And even when my work is done I will still spend the rest of my evening on my couch… making my husband watch Star Wars for the first time.

May the force be with you, 

   ~ Lydia 


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