20 May 2016, Posted by silentimages in Blog

Here at Silent Images, we have a small library.

I picked up a book with an turtle laying on its back, because why not?

Turns out it was Wrecked by Jeff Goins. I highly recommend it!

In a section of this book Goins discusses three seasons in life: childhood & school, adventure, and marriage (or a major commitment to something).

At 25, I feel like I’m in a weird parallel between an adventure season and what’s next.

My job at Silent Images fuels my adventurous spirit because of all the different places I get to visit and all amazing people I get to meet. And everything is so inspiring that I constantly want to volunteer for every organization we work with. There’s a lot of people doing good and I want to adventure with them all!

Jeff’s perspective refreshed me because it’s so honest: “Life is about more than your next adventure. To really be changed, you have to commit.”

Goins came to the conclusion that trying to be effective in absolutely everything means you probably won’t be really effective in anything.

He says, “My single greatest joy is giving myself to others and seeing them grow in return. You cannot discover that without commitment.”

At the end of the day, after I see all of the amazing organizations at work in Charlotte, I realize that I love making a broad impact as a videographer, but want to make a deeper impact as an individual.

I’ve chosen one that I’m passionate about and I can see myself being a part of for a long time!

So as I put Wrecked back into our little bookshelf, I am reflecting on commitment… and that turtle.

Excited for the future,




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