Neighbor - Those We Chance to Meet

At Silent Images, we have the unique opportunity to partner with nonprofits all over the world and help them tell their stories. While accomplishing our mission, we also have the chance to meet incredible people with stories of perseverance and that inspire great hope.

This has caused us to pause and consider that our neighbors are not just those who live next door or in our neighborhood, but our neighbors are near and far, those who are like us and those who are different, and those we cross paths with wherever our feet may find us.

These are the stories of those we chance to meet, and through these stories we hope that viewers will be inspired to turn more strangers into friends and that we all will be changed for the better.
A Silent Images Series
Charlotte, NC and beyond
EST 2021


While working on a project for Cakeable, our team was honored to meet Kendal. She and her family graciously welcomed us into their lives and shared their story. 

Kendal has never met a stranger. To her, everyone is a Neighbor--those she chances to meet. We hope to learn from Kendal and her spirit by which she invites everyone in with love, kindness and joy.


Erik fell in love with working on cars as a young boy and jumped right into working at a dealership after high school. After spending a couple decades at the dealership, he decided to uproot his life and go into the Army. Erik served in the Army for 7 years. His assignment while in Afghanistan was detecting and locating IEDs, which saved many lives. An obviously dangerous job, Erik suffered at least 7 concussions during his tenure because of IED explosions and was medically discharged because of damage to his brain. 

In the Army, Erik learned the importance of sacrificial service, and he instills those values now to help others. He has found purpose in being able to give back by helping his neighbors and his community through the garage he runs in his backyard. “It’s when you are giving back that God is smiling the biggest," Erik says. He has seen his community grow through his effort to help his neighbors. His shop has turned customers into friends and neighbors into family!


Chad Lawson is a world renowned pianist and composer who has spent time at the top of the Classical Billboard and iTunes charts. With over 500 million streams globally, it’s easy to say that he has left an incredible mark on the world. Chad has been through every facet of what it means to be a musician and not only shared his story with us, but imparted some of the wisdom he has learned along the way about making art, being true to yourself, and how to be a good neighbor.


Aleksei worked as a miner in Ukraine at one of the most dangerous mines in the world for his entire life. He is 71 years old. Life has been hard for him, and the ongoing conflict in the region has made him feel like a captive in his own land. Still, he is full of hope, tending his garden and finding joy in living.

Joseph Ross

Joseph Ross is a Nashville based portrait photographer who we had the privilege to meet while on assignment there. He graciously welcomed us to his studio and we talked about life, art, and authenticity. In Joseph's young, four year career, he has already had the opportunity to produce photography for clients such as Apple, Forbes, Rolling Stones, SPIN Magazine, and Warner Brothers Music. His goal is to facilitate an environment that produces joy and authenticity through the art that he creates with his clients.

Dr. May

Dr. May believes in empowering children in Yangon, Myanmar. Not only does she take care of their physical needs, she supports them to be leaders in whatever avenue they aspire to be. This is Neighbor: Those We Chance to Meet, a Silent Images series where we hope that viewers will be inspired to turn more strangers into friends and bring us all a bit of hope and joy that leaves us all changed for the better.