Charlotte, our home.

29 Dec 2017, Posted by silentimages in Blog, Refocus
Charlotte skyline

To celebrate our past 10 years, we are looking back at a few of our favorite stories and moments. There are thousands to chose from, but we are narrowing them down to our top 10.

This is story #9.

Silent Images spent our first several years focusing on international projects, but as word spread, local nonprofts began to ask Silent Images for help.

After receiving more and more requests from nonprofits in Charlotte, we began to realize that there are also many local stories that need to be told.

So in 2010, Silent Images began to expand our mission and focus our cameras to tell stories in Charlotte including: homelessness, human trafficking, mental illness, prisoner re-entry, refugees, the disabled, and many more topics.

Since we made this decision we have come to realize that some of the greatest stories and greatest joys are in serving our neighbors.

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