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The Greatest Story Now Unknown

Silent Images is partnering with BibleJourney ( to help tell the story of the Bible in an engaging, immersive curriculum.

You are welcome to contribute to our “Greatest Story” campaign below. Please enter “For BibleJourney” at checkout.

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Silent Images
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Silent Images is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit; your donation is tax-deductible and will be verified with a tax write-off letter upon our receipt of your donation.

If you would like to see our 990 form and tax records, they are available for reviewing at Our tax ID number is 33 116 4224.

Frequently Asked Questions

How else can I help?

  1. Raise awareness; buy the book and give it to friends and family.
  2. To volunteer, please contact:
  3. Educate yourself and READ the latest news.

How is your money used?

Silent Images takes your donation very seriously. We keep all of our administrative costs as low as possible in order to send the maximum amount of funds to people in need. As David Johnson is the only full-time employee for Silent Images, we rely heavily upon part-time workers, volunteers, and interns to complete the remainder of our work. The bottom line is that Silent Images’ mission and purpose is to give back to the people in our photographs. The money from book sales is NOT used to pay salaries; we continue to donate 100% of our profits from the book sales back to the people in the photographs.

Since 2007, Silent Images has donated more than $75,000 to other nonprofits and served more than 50 nonprofits around the world with photography and videography.