The Mile Project

We believe stories have the power to create empathy and understanding. Therefore, Silent Images is excited to produce a new film series called The Mile.

The Mile Project is a series of films featuring people from different backgrounds as they collaborate, listen to each other's perspectives, and confront the hard realities surrounding race.

The Mile Project offers a shared space for respectful, honest conversation where we can recognize what is broken, but more importantly, commit to the restoring and rebuilding of a more beautiful community together.

This series of films is available for free to schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations to help facilitate healthy conversation around race and division. 

A Silent Images Documentary Series
Charlotte, NC

EP1 - Committing to unity

In this first episode of The Mile Project, we will hear from John and Willis Draughn Jr. aka Big Red The Voice. They are both local business owners in west Charlotte, and are good friends who have spent the past few years collaborating to help their community flourish.

EP2 - Worlds (Not So) Apart

In the second episode of The Mile Project, we meet Charles and Femi. They have worked in multicultural ministry together for years, Charles as a pastor and Femi as an elder. As they walk side by side through the West Charlotte community they serve, Charles and Femi talk through their different upbringings as an African American and a Nigerian, what it means to be a bridge in a multicultural context, and what it takes to be an instrument of change in our community.

EP3 - Similarities & Differences

Similarities & Differences walks alongside Barbara and Elizabeth. Barbara is Elizabeth's mentor, but they are also dear friends. The conversations are honest, hard and hopeful.


In The Mile Episode 4, Brothers, we meet Pastor Chuck and Reverend Larry Whitley. Though these two come from different backgrounds and denominations, they have cultivated an unforgettable friendship over the years. They have an important call to the church.


For the fifth installment of the Mile Project we walk with two people with incredibly unique perspectives on the state of our nation: a journalist and an Afghan-American veteran. Both have dedicated themselves to serving our community though in very different ways. From their stories we see the sacrifices made to create a better society. From their friendship we realize the duty we have to one another.


In this final installment of The Mile Project, we follow Timon, Tecoby, and Dustin as they model for us how to have these heavy conversations about race with vulnerability, respect, and empathy.